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My areas of passion and specialization are: anxieties, phobias,weight loss, insomnia, improving self image, self-esteem and confidence, motivation and ego strengthening. I will help you to improve your performance in sports, arts, studies and feel great about your life!

But the list goes on...

Hypnotherapy (Treatment with Hypnosis) can be used to fix a very wide variety of symptoms, conditions, and emotional issues.

It works by resolving and removing the underlying causes of your problems whilst also building your self-esteem,self-belief and self-assurance, and leaving you with a sense of calm, relaxed confidence.
I use variety of Suggestion Therapy  (known as Clinical Hypnosis), NLP ( Nero-Linguistic-Programming ) and Mesmerism technique. 

A FREE Introductory Consultation:

    There is a free, 15 minutes, initial consultation offered by your request either on the phone/Skype or in person.

    This is a great way to meet one another and to find out more about your problem and whether the kind of therapy on offer is suitable         for you.

    If you decide the treatment is suitable we can begin the assessment for the readiness of hypnosis at the usual fee. There is no obligation       for you to start improving... the quality of your life :)

  •    It is important to have a clearer understanding of your problem
  •    We can find out whether therapy is suitable for you
  •    We can find out how serious you are about getting what you want
  •    To explain how therapy works and how it can help you
  •    You will have a better understanding about hypnosis
  •    You can be more positively inclined to start therapy
  •    It's a good way to start a therapeutic relationship